Free Music Archive Hits 100,000-Song Mark!

The Free Music Archive, a long-running, curated audio platform, has steadily grown since its inception nearly seven years ago, and the site recently hit a major milestone. The audio library reached, and surpassed, its 100,000th song upload on July 19th, 2016.
The Free Music Archive is a curated audio repository of music that is licensed to share and made freely available to anyone with an internet connection, primarily using the Creative Commons licensing framework. Since the Free Music Archive’s launch, more than 100 audio curators have participated in adding music from over 20,000 artists to the collection, representing all genres. The site has become a destination for musicians who wish to participate in the open sharing of their works, as well as for independent filmmakers, TV and radio producers, educators, podcasters, journalists, and other artists who seek curated legal music in order to harness the potential of digital distribution for the creative arts.
Boasting more than 1 million unique visitors per week, the site’s audio collection grows by an average of 1,110 new audio tracks every month. Artists and labels are encouraged to submit samples of work for consideration. Recently, tracks posted on the Free Music Archive have been featured on WNYC and by the Village Voice.
The Free Music Archive’s 100,000th song is a pleasant, experimental piece that is licensed CC0 – a completely free and open license that dedicates modern works into the Public Domain. The track, titled “Coco,” was submitted by Jorge Mario Zuleta, an independent musician from Costa Rica. It is one of nearly 1500 Public Domain tracks that currently exist on the Free Music Archive.
About the Free Music Archive
The Free Music Archive began as the brainchild of WFMU, a freeform noncommercial radio station located in Jersey City, NJ. The site is a publicly-accessible and rapidly-expanding digital library of high-quality, free, and legal music downloads in all genres, curated by a consortium of established arts organizations including museums, artist coalitions, art institutions, and radio stations. The Free Music Archive seeks to connect musicians, multimedia artists, and music fans, while encouraging creativity and education about copyright in the digital age. Audio on the Free Music Archive is available in mp3 format and varies across a wide range of countries of origin, genres, languages, and durations (even a Guinness Record holder for longest released song – “In The Garden” by PC III), and it’s all available for free.

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