Getting to know My Silent Bravery

I feel like singer-songwriters can get a bad rap at first. “Oh anyone can write a song and play a guitar” says the dude in the corner that can’t keep a tune. For me I feel like singer-songwriters expose their most vulnerable selves when it comes to opening up their hearts and performing in a very stripped down setting. I give them more credit than a lot of musicians out there. My Silent Bravery has certainly shown his vulnerability and let us into his little world with the release of Breakthrough last month. I’m excited to share with you what I’ve learned from My Silent Bravery about the new records, his previous warning signs and what to look forward to in the future!

A side note; this interview was done prior to the Sept 28th release of breakthrough, but I didn’t want to change anybody’s words, therefore left in prior information. Some expired links were removed. My apologies!

Your new album “Breakthrough” is coming out soon! Can you talk about the record and what the overall vibe you were going for was?

Yes! It’s coming out Sept 28th and I can’t believe the day is nearly here! I really hope the fans enjoy listening to it, as much as I did creating it. I would classify the vibe as acoustic driven inspirational pop rock! I chose ‘Breakthrough’ as the album title because I felt it very much represents the MSB brand and mission of inner strength, perseverance, persistence and ability to overcome obstacles.  I hope listeners can relate to it with their own boundaries that they are trying to breakthrough.  This message has become louder and more pivotal to me as an artist the longer I keep doing music. The music can’t be just about me, it’s about the listeners. 

We here at The LP Collective are  loving your single Warning Signs! What was the inspiration behind the song and how did you decide on the visual compliment of the music video?
Thanks so much! There are quite a few break-up songs on this record. More than any other record I believe. I think I get more personal on this record than any others. ‘Warning Signs’ is a song to me about being so caught up in love that you can’t really see the reality of the situation. That there are all these red flags and warning signs that the relationship isn’t going to work out but that you are just too blinded by love to see them. This lyric hits home for me, “when you are in love, it’s all you can see”. The video and visual component was a collaboration between my video producer Vassili Shields and me. We really liked the idea of telling the story in reverse and having this big twist ending. The filming of the video was really fun as usual and great working with Amanda Zocco and Britany Baldi the lovely ladies in the video. 
What has been the biggest warning sign you’ve encountered, did you choose to ignore it?
That is a great question! I think for me, the biggest Warning Sign was a sports injury I experienced in my youth. I wanted to ignore it at first, but life catches up with you and I am so glad that I didn’t. For those who haven’t heard my story, I was travelling in Australia when I was 21 and working out in the gym and ended up herniating a couple of discs in my neck. The injury led me to do a lot of soul searching for pain relief which led to me to spirituality, more specifically kabbalah. As a result of my studies in Kabbalah and working on myself, I realized I wanted to give back to the world at large and music was the vehicle I wanted to use to help spread a positive message. I think everything happens for a reason. My injury was the biggest challenge of my life so far, but from the biggest challenges also come the biggest blessings. The injury helped me recognize it’s important to pay it forward and help others. I want to create music that inspires, helps, and motivates others to overcome their challenges.
You’ve seen a lot of success in different countries, with your videos trending in Sweden, brazil and others. Was your global presence something you’ve ever planned and will you be exploring those markets further? Maybe some international touring?
  There has been some planning in terms of marketing my music outside the US to see what kind of reaction it would get. The results have been very encouraging so I hope to be exploring more markets and tour internationally should the right opportunities present themselves. 
You’ve decided on an Online Concert for the release instead of a traditional release show, how did this idea come about and how can fans tune in?
I felt like I wanted to do something to celebrate the release where many of the Bravehearts who have been supporting me day in and day out could be involved. I have been doing more online performances lately, mainly periscope performances, and the feedback has been so positive. I thought why not just do an online CD Release show?!  This way fans can tune in from all over the world. I wanted to give back to the fans that support and make it affordable for anyone who wants to join and participate, so the cost of admission is only $1! 
When did Bravehearts become your fanbases nickname? 
It happened relatively quickly after I named my project My Silent Bravery. I love the name and think it represents my fans well. There are so many kind and brave souls with such big hearts out there and I am so proud and humbled to have them as fans! 
What would you say is your biggest passion/interest besides music?
As mentioned earlier, I am very passionate about spirituality and specifically kabbalah. I have always been a deep person and wanted answers to some of life biggest questions like what is this game of life all about? I feel like kabbalah has been able to help me answer those questions better than anywhere else I have searched. I encourage people to check it out for themselves at
What can fans be on the lookout for from My Silent Bravery in the future? 
The new album, ‘Breakthrough’, is due Sept 28 and you can preorder it here: will also be on the road supporting the new album with tour dates in September and October with Elliot Yamin, Blake Lewis, Alison Irehta and Halo Circus.  For a full list of dates visit: As mentioned I will also be doing a live broadcast on Concert Window which starts at 8:00pm EST on September 28. Wherever you are in the world, you can tune in! I’ll be taking requests and answering your questions. Hope you can join me!
Thanks so much to My Silent Bravery for hanging out and be sure to check out the new record breakthrough which is out now! For more information you can check out the links below.

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