Sad Vegan debut upbeat pop-punk single “New Years, No Fears”



Cali-based pop-punk quintet Sad Vegan is streaming the newest single from their upcoming debut EP Another Life, Another Day. The track “New Years, No Fears” premiered with Fresh Beats 365 and follows the EP’s first single “Palm Trees” (streaming here). The catchy tune is offset by some seedier subject matter, where the perspective of a one night stand is shared from both sides.

New Years, No Fears is basically about hooking up with someone one last time before deciding that it’s time to settle down and show commitment to someone else and the regret that comes along with doing that,” explains guitarist and vocalist Bailey Blanton. “That incident also happened to take place on New Years Day so the name seemed fitting. My favorite thing about the song is that it switches from the male perspective of the situation to the female’s.

“New Years, No Fears” will be on Sad Vegan’s upcoming EP Another Life, Another Day, which will be available March 3rd via

Another Life  Another Day Album Artwork 3 Artwork by: Jaden “Valentine” Sullivan

1) One Step
2) New Years, No Fears
3) Talk Sick, Toxic
4) Little Bird
5) Palm Trees
6) Idlebridge

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