New Perspective; Kyle Federline

It’s easy to forget sometimes that the musicians we listen to are also human, with lives and even families of their own. When they’re not in the studio or on tour they are husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, somebody that people rely on not for music, but for simply doing chores around the house. While there are times where musicians take on these every day roles, they still find inspiration and influence from music. Our friend Kyle recently reached out to us about how popular Lullaby series Sparrow Sleeps has influenced him in fatherhood. Read his blog below about how their lullaby renditions of our favorites have brought him and daughter Bowie together.


“We all can relate to music and the effects it has on us individually. How it is able to stir our emotions. How it can make us happy, sad, angry, excited. The list of emotions that music can bring out of us are endless. Growing up, music has always played a part in who I am and the friends I have made. Its something my dad and I can relate too. He’s always introduced me to different bands that he loved listening to when growing up like Pink FloydLed Zeppelin, Emerson Lake and Palmer and many more classic rock bands. That is something that I cherish so much within our relationship especially now that my wife and I had our first baby in December. Words can not describe the feelings and thoughts that I had during that first week of her being here. Sometimes I worry about us not having the same things in common. I’m not sure why I think that because Jen and I both love music but it’s still something that runs through my head.

During that first week of Bowie being here I stumbled across Sparrow Sleeps and I knew this was meant for me and Bow. The work that Peter and Casey put into these lullaby covers of amazing alt/punk rock bands is incredible. Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, MCR, Dashboard Confessional and so many other awesome bands that I grew up to listening and seeing live have been transformed into the amazingly cute and soothing lullabies. Bowie immediately started dozing off the first time I put on Quieter Now which is a cover album of various Taking Back Sunday songs. Listening to these rad tunes has become a nightly ritual to get Bow to fall asleep. If I put on one of their lullabies while she is tired and crying it will usually calm her down and gets her to relax. I almost feel like its also starting her off on the right foot when it comes to music. It allows us to relax and bond over music that I love and grew up listening to and that in itself is such a special feeling to me.

I thought I would have to wait a while to introduce her to different bands but with what Sparrow Sleeps has done I am now able to introduce her to all sorts of different bands now. I honestly feel like I should personally drive to these guys and verbally thank them for every time their music has helped with calming my daughter down or put her to sleep when its 3am and she is still wide awake. If anyone else has little kids or just needs to relax I highly recommend to check out Sparrow Sleeps.”


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