Dreamers Release Clerks Inspired “Sweet Disaster” Music Video


Cosmic Rockers DREAMERS released their new music video for “Sweet Disaster” recently. The video feels like if Clerks collided with the Foo Fighters’ “Learn To Fly” and an added psychadelic twist for good measure. After inhaling some mysterious slushie machine fumes, the seemingly normal convenience store becomes a multicolored druggie haze that sends them off into the night. The theme and plot of the video felt fitting to the overall vibes of the song, being very synth driven and tonal. The fuzzy pop rock jam is just one single off of their record “This Album Does Not Exist” which released August 26th of 2016. Frontman Nick Wold explained their idea behind the video a little further;


“The video for Sweet Disaster is an homage to the cult classic ‘Clerks’ with a tripped out dream experience.  We filmed it all night at a corner store in Echo Park LA; Nelson, Jacob and the lovely Marissa Luck play the store clerks, and I play all the customers.  With all the serious stuff going on in the world we wanted to use the video to escape reality, and hopefully laugh for a few minutes. The video is about the inner mind of all dreamers, as they live out their own sweet disasters in every day life.” 

Give “Sweet Disaster” a spin and let us know what you think about the video and Dreamers as well! Be sure to pick up This Album Does Not Exist and check out their social medias below;

Facebook | Website | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat – @dreamersjoinus

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