Armored Dawn Shares Their Warrior Spirit

I don’t know about you guys, but Mondays are ROUGH for me. Getting out of bed and having to start my work week after 2 days of adventure or relaxation might just be up there with most difficult things on the planet! This is why I usually turn to a really killer Monday playlist to raise my spirits and get me ready for the days ahead. When I stumbled upon Armored Dawn I knew that they would be the latest addition to my Monday Morning Playlist. This Brazilian Metal outfit specializes in warrior anthems and power ballads that will no doubt make you feel like you can take on the world. Their album “Power of Warrior” is so kick ass, I’m not sure a stadium could contain it…which is exactly why they needed to take to the mountains for their most recent video for “Viking Soul.”  I got the chance to chat with vocalist Eduardo Parras about their newest record, the stunning music video for “Viking Soul” and how the band embraces the Warrior Spirit.


I love the “Viking Soul” music video, especially its gorgeous views! Where did you shoot the music video and what was the production process like?

The video was shot in several locations throughout California, but the takes with the band were filmed at Yosemite National Park. It was five days in total of filming with director Anthony Pietromonaco, and producer Marco de Molina. On our day of the shoot, we arrived on “set” at Yosemite at around 4am to film us playing just as the sun was rising. It was a unique experience to record in such an exotic landscape, in front of one of the most famous mountain climbing sites, known for its extreme edges – “El Capitan”.



“Power of Warrior” is your Debut album, which is usually a band’s first big impression to the music world. What would you like your album to say about your band?

We know that the first album is crucial to make a good impression on the heavy metal fans and the media, so we chose to produce with Tommy Hansen (Helloween, Jorn). He helped us to maintain the characteristic of each member of the band. We want to leave the impression that in addition to being heavy metal musicians, we are warriors that face battles every day of our lives, and we need to be strong to be victorious… because there is no obstacle that we cannot overcome.


When listening to your music I feel like I get the vibes of several types of warriors, mainly Vikings and pirates, even the gladiator-esque album cover you have. Is there a certain warrior you guys are trying to channel in this album?

We want to awaken the warrior that lives within each person that hears our music, no matter the type of battle they may be confronting!

Displaying Armored Dawn - Power Of Warrior US cover.jpg

You’ve recently spent some time in Europe on tour, how would you say that Europe compares to the Brazilian metal scene?

We played 11 shows along with Fates Warning. It was incredible to meet so many cool people and to play our music for the first time for the European public. The Metal scene in Europe is quite strong, and we saw people of all ages at concerts. Brazil also has one of the largest Metal fanbases in the world, but the public has always paid more attention to bands from other countries than the national ones. But we are at a point where this is changing, and we hope it continues to improve more and more.


I’ve noticed that you all have some pretty cool face makeup you wear when performing. How did you decide upon this look?

The idea for the makeup actually first occurred during the shoot for “Viking Soul”. We liked it so much that we decided to take it on stage, some of us wear battle scars on our face, and others represent the warrior who is preparing for battle.


How did you guys get involved in music and decide to pursue it professionally?

All of us have been musicians for a long time. It’s a difficult road that requires a lot of persistence, but when you work hard and have integrity, the results start to appear one day. Some of us have parallel professions, but we know that this is quite common even in some well-known bands.

Displaying Armored Dawn - PR Photo 2017-a.jpg


If you could only have one piece of armor in a fight what would you choose to arm yourself with?

A good belt is always important so that your pants don’t fall off! (LOL) But the main armor is our own soul, if we do not have the soul of a warrior, we could never conquer.


What can fans be on the lookout for in the upcoming months?    Any new music or US tours in the works?

We are actually in the studio right now recording our second album with an amazing producer, Kato Khandwala (The Pretty Reckless, We Are Harlot, Pierce The Veil, Papa Roach). In the coming months we will be launching a single. We still don’t have a US Tour 100% confirmed yet, but we are looking to do some shows in the middle of the year.



 Thank you so much to Eduardo for taking the time out to chat with us! If you’d like to channel your inner warrior be sure to check out their debut release “Power Of Warrior” on iTunes or streaming on Spotify. All of their social media is here to like or follow in the links below;

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