Cruz Del Sur Music to Release OMEN/BATTLEROAR Split 7″ in April

Cruz Del Sur Music is proud to announce the upcoming 7″ split release from Epic Metal legends OMEN and BATTLEROAR! The 7″ will feature two previously unreleased tracks, OMEN’s “Up From The Deep” and BATTLEROAR’s “Stronghold.” It will be released as a deluxe edition during OMEN’s April/May European tour; specifically at Keep It True 2017, where the band will play alongside with Cirith Ungol, Manilla Road, and Atlantean Kodex, among others.
BATTLEROAR’s “Stronghold” is in the same style as the fastest and heaviest songs on their last album, Blood of Legends (Cruz Del Sur, 2014). The song features a massive rhythmic punch to go along with great leads and Gerrit’s classic, epic/melodic vocals.
OMEN’s “Up From The Deep” sounds as if it was taken directly from 1984’s Battle Cry. War cries introduce the legendary OMEN sound, with Kenny Powell painting a majestic tapestry of guitar notes above which Kevin Goocher delivers a brazen, complementary vocal performance.
Both bands have faced line-up changes in recent months and the 7”offers the opportunity to demonstrate the new line-ups’ power and chemistry. BATTLEROAR just announced the addition of Greg Vlachos (ex-Marauder) on drums, and Michael Kontogiorgis (ex-Spitfire, Exoristoi, etc) on guitars as permanent members.
OMEN just announced on their Facebook page the addition of two new members. Both are Kenny Powell’s and Kevin Goocher’s long-time partners in crime: Roger Sisson wrote many of the Battle Cry riffs but was never actually part of the line-up. Now after 30 years he’s the official new bassist! And the new drummer, Reece Stanley, was in the Phantom X line-up together with Kevin.



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