Progressive Thrashers TORREFY Offer Free MP3 Download of “Infinity Complex”


Canadian Progressive Thrashers TORREFY have made the song “Infinity Complex” available as a free MP3 download, exclusively through Pure Grain Audio. Grab yours at:
The Infinity Complex from Victoria (BC) Progressive Thrashers TORREFY is out now and streaming for mass consumption.  The new album contains nine tracks representing the band’s extreme approach to its eclectic, progressive thrash-inspired sound. Stream and order it at
Originating in Victoria BC, off the west coast of Canada, TORREFY have been perfecting their extreme approach to an eclectic and progressive thrash-inspired sound. Taking influence from many different musical genres, TORREFY combines speeding, pummeling guitar riffage with relentlessly feral drumlines and blackened, inhuman vocal shrieks!   Their compositions are an exposition of their plethora of inspirations. The group gained notoriety for their high-energy performances that have been selling out venues in their neighborhood and beyond. 

Following up their debut album Thrash and Burn with a macrocosmic concept album The Infinity Complex, the band have shared the stage with big-name thrash acts such as HAVOK and SKELETONWITCH, working tirelessly to bring their unique and extreme sound to an audience hungering for something new!

Check out the “Thrashist Dictator” Lyric Video at this location.
“A clever blend of thrash and groove that is blackened up just enough to give it an edge that’s pretty darn infectious.”
 – Ave Noctum
“You will find plenty of creative riffing that skirts the language used by many thrash bands. A very enjoyable album.”
 – Indy Metal Vault
“Imagine Skeletonwitch mixed with a variety of progressively-minded sci-fi themes, older thrash metal and a bit of a black metal intensity.”
 – Wonderbox Metal
Daniel Laughy – Drums
Ben Gerencser – Rhythm Guitar
Simon Smith – Bass
John Ferguson – Vocals
Adam Henry – Lead Guitar

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