Chrysalis has emerged with an important “Reminder”

When it comes to bands that stand the test of time, there are not only those timeless household names, but those who are literally still standing and grinding on the underground circuit. When I first discovered Chrysalis I was shocked to hear that their story takes place over a decade of blood, sweat and tears on the road promoting their work. Their newest record Reminder puts the scene on notice more than anything, reminding everyone that they are still a powerhouse and that their music will continue to stand that test of time. I got to speak with lead vocalist Yessi Burton about the band’s longevity, their new record and what they have planned in the future, check it out;



First off congrats on your recent album “Reminder” which is out now. Can you tell us a little bit about the theme/vibe of the record?


“Reminder” is a collection of different types of rock/metal songs. We’ve never really dedicated ourselves to a particular sound, so in our case, it makes more sense to explore more musical territory. Plus, it makes things a bit more interesting. 

Chrysalis - Reminder - Album Cover.jpg


I really dug the “My Eternity” music video that came out at the end of 2016. How did the story of the masked woman in the video develop?


We linked up with director Jonathan Martin, and collaborated on the story. I see the video as a tribute to late 90s style horror film such as “Scream” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”  The revenge theme came very obviously from the song lyrics ‘I’m comin’ back / I’m breaking up / Up to the surface  


Which track on “Reminder” took the longest to put together and why?


“Atlas” took a while because I had to really work on nailing the chorus. I had such a hard time with the fry vocal on such high notes. It was a challenge that forced me to increase my high range.  I found it odd that my attitude played a big role in nailing the hook. One day I just told myself that I was going to do it and I finally did.


In a recent interview you spoke about difficulty fitting into “the scene” these days, would you ever consider altering your sound because of that?


Not really because what people see as the “in thing” disappears so fast these days.  We want to develop our sound of course and try new things, but if we did, it wouldn’t be in alignment with what’s going on in the scene because that’s just not who we are.


You guys have been a band for quite a bit, how do you stay inspired?


Drugs. LOL!  It takes a lot of work, but we find a way.


I notice that your Website and Merch often feature Buddha, is this a more artistic reason or spiritual reason?


We just really love the imagery inspired by Eastern Religions. We relate to the spiritual aspects of Buddhism, Taoism and confucianism a lot more than we do with Christianity.


If you were a chrysalis, what would you develop into?


 A beautiful CATterfly!

Displaying Chrysalis = Catterfly.jpg


What can Chrysalis fans be on the lookout for in the coming months – any new videos or tour dates?


We just released our second single and video off the record called “Out of My Hands.” Two of the guys play the role of Police Officers, so don’t miss that!  We’ll have more tour dates soon, connect with us on Social Media and stay in touch! 


Thanks so much to Yessi for taking the time to hang out with us, we’re excited for more people to hear Reminder and know what Chrysalis is all about. For more info on the band and to stay up to date with all things Chrysalis check out the links and like/follow them below!


Keep in touch with Chrysalis:

Official Website: http://ChrysalisBand.Com

Facebook: http://FaceBook.Com/ChrysalisBand

Twitter: http://Twitter.Com/ChrysalisBand

Instagram: http://Instagram.Com/ChrysalisBand



Youtube: http://YouTube.Com/ChrysalisMusic


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