New Perspective: Versus

I love to look at the variety and unique genres we have spanning the country. While there are some pretty broad genre stereotypes (like country music being most popular in the South for example) each state and area had scenes for all kinds of music listeners. When talking about Seattle scene most would make it synonymous with grunge, Nirvana, and not much else. The Seattle scene has such incredible variety that even we weren’t aware of, so we asked Seattle natives Versus to give us their favorite bands and venues to check out when we visit the great Pacific Northwest. Check out what they thought below and check out their new record The Cardinal which is out now!



Seattle is a music scene that’s extremely unique. Doesn’t matter if your signed or a touring band or just a local. A Seattle stage is a proving ground. You are challenged by everything. This scene has made me a better preformer. Never can you step on a Seattle stage without bringing it. I’d you dont. You will hear about it.  

Avoid the void- the trench

Into the flood- death posture
Moneta- the getaway
The fall of troy- the doppelganger 
Into the flood- a father’s seeday
Favorite places to play
El corazon
Studio 7
The Jett
Vera project
Showbox sodo 
VERSUS Online:

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