Purmamarca is big on the numerical symbolism and appreciation for the fans who have been chompin’ at the bit for this new record. So, this past Tuesday, Ryan Henry unleashed Bring Up the Soft Dreams to the world – exactly three years and three days of work later, as an act of love to the band’s collaborators and contributors.

Streaming exclusively on Bandcamp, the band’s first studio album, Bring Up the Soft Dreams, is now streaming in full. Bandcamp was a specific choice, as Purmamarca was part of the February 3rd ACLU fundraising frenzy on Bandcamp, offering previously unreleased song “Reservoir” to fans. For 24 hours, the band doubled down on Bandcamp’s efforts and sent a portion of proceeds to the ACLU, Planned Parenthood, and the Sierra Club to help support the greater good.

Bring Up the Soft Dreams – TRACKLISTING

1. Everything Under the Sun
2. Tell Me One More time
3. I Should Have Known
4. Reservoir
5. Today
6. Rear View
7. How Things Work
8. Bloom
9. Tomorrow Never Comes

Sometimes when we take risks and act bravely enough to say “goodbye,” we get a better chance to say “hello” to what we want. That’s exactly what happened when Ryan Henry from Purmamarca moved from Brooklyn to Los Angeles. For the first time since the band’s incarnation in 2012, the core members don’t exist within the same state borders. It’s an interesting time to release their debut, studio album, which is completely produced by Patrick Hyland, who works with Mitski. On March 7th 2017, the entire album, Bring Up the Soft Dreams, became available on all digital platforms.

The band is in the midst of a major transition, but, nevertheless the best moments don’t follow any rules – they just happen. So, as Fall 2016 sets in and colors change, Purmamarca’s pastoral, sweeping soundscape of indie pop, psych rock and often soulful new sounds will be released, starting with the lead single, “Rear View.” Elon Rutberg, who works with Kayne West and The Dirty Projectors, did production on this single in particular.

Previously featured on BULLETT, Gold Flake Paint, PORTALS Music, Impose and Baeble Music – not to mention Bandcamp’s weekly playlist, Purmamarca has been noted for provoking visceral reactions. Popular single “No Battles” was described by PORTALS Music as “dreamy waves that feel increasing effortless,” and Gold Flake Paint said, “the track builds nicely alongside a quietened acoustic strum and the familiar spiky guitar riffs” and also noted how it’s “suitably somber.” BULLETT, who premiered follow-up single “Chasms,” called it “Just the Damn Saddest Song.”

Purmamarca was originally a solo-project created in the vision of Brooklyn-native Ryan Henry (piano/guitar/vocals), during 2012. In the early days of the project, Henry released two EPs that he recorded in his bedroom and performed with a rotation of fellow musicians at various local venues around Brooklyn. In 2013, Henry was joined by Brian Bishop (lead guitar, drums) and Gabriele Grassia (bass), solidifying the live lineup. The band released a self-recorded, debut album in April 2014, Summer Air // Night. Gold Flake Paint called the debut LP’s sound an “exercise in blissed out psych acid lullabies,” while still “mellow and complex.” PORTALS Music also complimented the debut, asserting the release contained layers of songs that “unfurl on the spine of a grappling guitar and a romantic piano.”




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