Long Island natives Times Like These bring a fresh outlook to pop punk music in their newest cover of “Dirty Laundry” by All Time Low.  Although the track is a shift in sound for the veteran band, Times Like These inject their own interpretation of modern day pop punk back into the track, incorporating a high amount of energy and an energetic climax. Alongside the release of the new cover video, the band most recently released the single “Too Little Too Late,” to coincide with the upcoming May release of their EP, “Take It or Leave It,” They will also embark on a promotional tour around the East coast to promote this new material. About the band, lead vocalist Mike states:


“I couldn’t see myself doing anything else but captivating an audience. I left a job, a stable schooling system, and some personal friends behind all to chase this possibility of a career in music. There’s nothing else I can actually put myself into the way I put myself into the music I write and the shows I put on. I was born to do this.”


Times Like These bring a fresh and energetic take to pop punk music. At the young ages of twenty and twenty one, the band continues to dominate the local Long Island music scene, playing shows night after night around the East coast. In May of 2015, the band came together under the realization that they wanted more from life than to spend their years in a college dorm and on a 9-5 grind. The newly formed band quickly took second jobs to earn the money to record their first EP, “Follow Your Stupid Dreams” at ZIN Records in Calverton, New York. Times Like These are well on their way to securing their spot as a band to be heard in the midst of modern pop punk/pop rock music. Their cover of “Dirty Laundry” is out NOW.


To stay connected with Times Like These, visit the social media links below:



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TimesLikeTheseNY/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TLTbandNY

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCi6XwadGnMqCqGFMDEdAjVw

All press inquiries, please contact: twentyfiveeightPR@gmail.com


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