Leav/e/arth Leave Listeners in “Perfect Disarray”

When I’m not here running the site, you’ll probably find me at my other job – slinging shoes at Journeys and trying really hard not to sing too loudly with the company mixtape. Over the summer I happened to fall in love with one song in particular, constantly trying to fast forward through the DVD to find it. That song was Leav/e/arth’s “The Other Side.” I always love finding a great band with a confident, powerful female vocalist. They started the year off incredibly strong, with a signing with Invogue Records and the release of their album “A Perfect Disarray.” We got the chance to talk to the band about the new record, signing with Invogue and more, check it out below;
Your new record A Perfect Disarray is the first record with your new sound/name. What kind of first impression are you looking to leave with fans when putting out this record?
Benji, Leah: Even though we are technically just starting out, we’d definitely like to portray how serious we are about our craft and how our sound may be familiar, yet refreshing.
You guys recently released the single “Memory.” Can you tell us a little bit about the meaning behind the track?
Leah: “Memory” is about the difficulty that we face when it comes to letting someone or something go. It seems as though there are traces of that person or thing everywhere, filling all of our senses. While sometimes we are able to numb ourselves to the reminders all around us, there are definitely moments of weakness when the memories, as the lyrics say, “bring us to our knees.” This song encompasses the struggle of overcoming the feeling of being disconnected from a person or thing that used to mean a great deal to us.
Congrats on signing with InVogue Records! What made them the right place for Leav/e/arth?
Everyone: InVogue is a fantastic company because they allow us to work freely and creatively while being incredibly supportive of each artist. It’s refreshing to be able to work with a support system like IVR because they believe in their artists and what we are doing and working towards.
You keep a pretty black & white motif when it comes to the band aesthetic. What made you choose this look?
Leah, Jared, Benji: We felt that the look was cohesive with the theme and sound we are trying to achieve. Black and white photos have an underlying poise and simplicity that we’ve always really strived for. A lot of our music is intricate in meaning or in the way that it was written, and so the simplistic feel of the aesthetic sort of balances everything out.
Do you have any items (a cup of coffee, certain music) that help you get in the writing zone?
Leah: Inspiration comes from a lot of different places for each of us, and we all definitely have certain writing processes that we follow. For me (Leah), I often find myself writing while I’m driving alone. Listening to music that inspires something as simple as a tone that we want to try to achieve in our own work helps, too.
In other interviews you’ve discussed how A Perfect Disarray focuses a lot on the idea of disconnect. What helps you guys reconnect when times are tough?  
Leah, David: Each other. No matter how hard times can be, whether there are family problems, relationship issues, whatever it is, we are always there to pick each other up. Even when we may not necessarily have the right words to help make things better, we offer our talents to each other as an outlet for those emotions so that we can get everything out in a healthy, productive way.
If you could leave earth and visit one planet which would it be and why?
Benji: Planet Druidia.
What can Leav/e/arth fans be on the lookout for in the upcoming months?
Everyone: We have a few new singles and a video that will be preceding our album that will be released April 7th, a couple of spring tours lined up, and new merchandise that will be available for purchase from our website and at shows!
Thanks so much to Leav/e/arth for taking the time out to hang out with us! If you want to learn more about the band or check out what they have planned for their album release be sure to check out their social medias included below;
 facebook instagram twitter

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