Re-Re-Introducing OhBree: Scoring the Seussian Fever Dream

“Start off with something depressing and sinister, then juxtapose it with something silly as fuck.” According to frontman and songwriter Andrew Scott, this has been 8-piece indie-pop bandOhBree’s mission statement since day one. “Get serious and sad – and then keep tipping that scale until you become a cartoon version of yourself. That’s life. Its sad, it’s difficult, it’s real as hell, and it’s also absurd and hilarious. You have to acknowledge both sides, and I think we’re trying to prove that it’s possible to do so all at the same time.”

This May, OhBree will be releasing their third full length record, Burn Bridges, Burn Pies – an album that has connected the fictional worlds of their previous releases. The troupe’s first album, We Miss You Edward, Come Home, is a bizarre pit-orchestra-influenced spiral of 17 songs that manifested in a lighthearted theatrical headtrip, while the second LP, Death By Broomstick, took a much darker spin on their pop sensibilities. Soon after Death By Broomstick, OhBree released their extremely well-received EP Feed Me Poison that Consequence of Sound described as “A four-song odyssey into a world of weirdo guitar riffs and off-kilter piano arrangements.”

Burn Bridges, Burn Pies brings our message together,” says Andrew. “The themes remain dark, but we bring back the Monty Python/Dr.Seussian absurdity of our first record.” The album kicks off with a supervillain facet on songs like “Spine” and “Tiny Tethers” – it finds haunting and heavy dread through “Square Boxes, Square Thoughts” and “Motivation for a Dying Man” – and taps into the group’s surreal form of silliness with the tunes “Skeleton Ave” and “Which Doctor, Witch Doctor?

Andrew’s love for bands like They Might Be Giants and The Presidents Of The United States Of America has been filtered through the lens of a pit-orchestra musician, where he began his musical career. This saturation of musical theater and 90’s garage rock also encouraged his use of oddball characters as the subject of his lyrics – many of whom have become recurring motifs that reach across all four of OhBree’s studio releases. “These characters are digestible but exaggerated versions of archetypes that I like to anchor on. As we churned out more music I kept going back to these characters because their job wasn’t done yet – you know… like Gandalf the White or something.” Check out the full Songbill for more info!  

Burn Bridges, Burn Pies was produced in Philadelphia at Sleepless Sound Studio by the band’s drummer Adam Laub. The studio also hosts the beautiful Red Room Series – Watch OhBree’s recent session here:


Burn Bridges, Burn Pies will be released digitally and on ocean blue vinyl records featuring the art of Debbie Fong on May19th 2018. OhBree is Andrew Scott(vocals/keys), Adam Laub (drums), Bob Iacono (trumpet), Tyler Mack(trombone/guitar), Lucas Kozinski (guitar),Kyle Press (saxophone), Michael Aherne(bass), Connor Przybyszewski(trombone).




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