The Scars Heal in Time Are in the Studio with Producer Justin Rimer; New EP Summer 2017


The Scars Heal in Time is a band that has continuously pushed and pulled its way through their ever growing successes. The high energy hard rock sound that they bring to the scene is a fresh new take from the music scene from Houston TX and is not to be overlooked. Currently in the studio with producer Justin Rimer, the band will release an EP this summer and will be touring throughout the year.

“Working with Justin is always more than a pleasure. The amount of knowledge he has and passion for what he does really comes out during the production process. He brings a lot to the table with his writing experience and out of the box production ideas. It’s always such a great time, Justin is one of the most accommodating people and is genuinely a great guy, which also makes him extremely easy to work with and we are always blown away by the final product.”-The Scars Heal in Time

“I had a killer time producing ‘The Scars Heal in Time!’ Their hard work, dedication and determination make them a pleasure to work with. Kayla’s voice stands up with the best and is a refreshing addition to the world of rock. This album and band are no joke. Make sure and check them out!”- Justin Rimer  

“I’m About to Break” Can be purchased here:

The band originated with the two Smith sisters, Kayla on guitar and vocals and Tayler on drums. In 2012, after a long hard fought battle with cancer, the girls’ father passed away. During the process, he had an extensive brain surgery which left him with a scar that he became quite self-conscious of. Kayla would continuously tell him that “The Scars Heal in Time.” As a musician himself, the girls’ picked up after their father and found the name to be a great homage to their dad, and creating the shorthand “The S.H.I.T.” for the band.

The Scars Heal In Time.jpg

In 2015 after releasing their album “Double Exposure”, they carried into 2016 becoming an independent and self-funded band, driving them to push for their own successes and not let anything or anyone stand in the way of their goals. After becoming independent and with 2016 behind them; they’ve recorded and released their newest single “I’m About to Break” with Grammy nominated producer Justin Rimer (Saving Abel, 12 Stones, Breaking Point), released the song’s music video with award winning director and editor Jon Vulpine (Backstreet Boys, Drowning Pool, Gemini Syndrome, Saliva), bought and converted their own tour bus, completed their “Detention Transport Tour” through the Midwest they’ve proved themselves to be a serious artist on the national rise.


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