Dedicated to educating the next generation of music business entrepreneurs, Outerloop President and CEO Mike Mowery has launched a new educational initiative under the Outerloop umbrella, Outerloop Coaching. Outerloop Coaching consists of online courses, webinars, e-books, and mentoring for aspiring managers and self-managed musicians. Mowery shares everything he has learned over two decades in the business so others can learn how the 21st Century music business really works. For the first time ever, Mike Mowery is opening up his extensive experience and knowledge base to aspiring musicians in an educational capacity. Today, Outerloop Coaching launched sign-ups for an online course webinar series titled, Sixty Days to Signable, which goes over what it takes to get the attention of record labels, managers and other industry professionals who can help independent bands grow. Individuals enrolled in the course will have the opportunity to interact with Mike Mowery directly via e-mail throughout the program. Sixty Days to Signable will run Wednesday evenings from April 19 until June 7th, at 8pm EST.  Visit OuterloopCoaching.com for more information.

Along with signing up for coaching and Mowery’s free e-newsletter, current and aspiring music industry workers will be treated to a free download of “Music Management Primer: The Business of Being an Artist,” written by Mike Mowery and Paul Phelps. The e-book is a primer in basic concepts for aspiring managers in the 21st century music business, providing much more detail on these concepts and more advanced additional concepts within the online learning materials through Outerloop. Here is what Mike Mowery had to say about Outerloop Coaching:


“I’m really excited to be able to offer up my extensive experience and knowledge base to aspiring musicians in an educational capacity.  If you’re serious about your band’s or personal success, there is no time like the present.  This structured course will give you all of the tools you need to get your band from wherever you are to a place where managers, agents and labels will be ready to take you into serious consideration.” – Mike Mowery
Outerloop consists of several hardworking initiatives under one umbrella, including Outerloop Management, Outerloop Records, and now Outerloop Coaching. Outerloop Records, whose roster currently includes bands  Lorna Shore, Chasing Safety, Youth in Revolt, and Megosh, was launched in 2013 by Outerloop Management founder Mike Mowery as a solution for developing artists to take advantage of their recorded rights. Having been in the business for more than a decade, Mowery and Outerloop Management have successfully developed artists such as We Came As Romans, Crown the Empire, Ice Nine Kills, Periphery, Veil of Maya, Set It Off, and more, and serves great artists like Refused, Escape The Fate, and Darkest Hour. Outerloop Records has already proven success in the past by releasing Ice Nine Kills’ third album (and first release of the label), The Predator Becomes the Prey, which debuted on Billboard’s 200, Heatseekers, and Hard Rock charts, and has sold over 20,000 units in the US (according to SoundScan). Now in partnership with Cooking Vinyl, Outerloop Records is ready to take 2017 by the horns with an unrivaled fire to discover and develop artists. Outerloop Group hopes to deliver a diverse roster encompassing all genres and extending their expertise to individuals who wish to thrive within the music industry.


Visit OuterloopCoaching.com today for more information on Mike Mowery’s new webinar series, Sixty Days to Signable, as well as introduce yourself to his learning materials by downloading “Music Management Primer: The Business of Being an Artist” by Mike Mowery and Paul Phelps.
More About Mike Mowery:
Mike Mowery is the president and managing partner of Outerloop Management and Outerloop Records, owner of EDM label Crime Kitchen, a partner of a multitude of EDM outlets such as website Raver Rafting, label Most Addictive Records, and YouTube channel Daily Earfood. Broadening his entrepreneurial prowess, Mowery also started the podcast network Jabberjaw Media, mobile app PickUp Sports, local news blog Source of the Spring, Fenton Street Market and non-profit organization and 5K Leo’s Run.
Mowery got his introduction to the music business through the do-it-yourself hardcore scene. He released his first 7″ vinyl record as part of an Atlanta based collective in 1994. Shortly thereafter he moved to California to attend the University of California at Santa Barbara and continued releasing records through his independent label Phyte Records. During his time in Santa Barbara he put on concerts for many notable bands that came through, opting to shun the corporate venues for an intimate show-space with beautiful views just blocks from the beach and surf within walking distance. During this time Mowery also helped Steve Aoki launch his, now hip, label Dim Mak.
In 1995 Mowery embarked on his first European tour as a merchandiser, and fell in love with touring. After graduating from college he moved to Washington D.C. to join the band Good Clean Fun and released the band’s records on his label as well as coordinate booking the band all over the world including the US, Canada, Europe, South America, Australia, and New Zealand. The world-wide network of music began to open up to him during these years. Mowery’s next career transition was into the world of tour management for the band The (International) Noise Music Management Primer: The Business of Being an Artist by Mike Mowery 24 Conspiracy, from Sweden, who enlisted him to tour manage their first US tour. He thrived on the road and embraced all of the responsibilities involved with handling the day to day aspects of an international band on the road. After accepting his first duties as tour manager, he was hired for all of the band’s tours from 2001-2005 and in 2005 Mowery tour-managed The Take Action Tour, created by Sub City and Hopeless Records.
By 2006 Mowery was managing full-time, with a primary focus on heavy music. His Outerloop Management represents a “who’s who” of established and emerging artists in the genres of punk, metal, alternative, rock and pop. Outerloop Management’s clients have appeared on Billboard’s Top 200 charts, played some of the biggest festivals and package tours in the North America, UK/Europe, Australia, Asia, and South America, and have had music placed in video games, films, and television.
In 2014 Mowery began co-managing producers alongside Johnny Minardi of Self Titled Management and launched two record labels: Outerloop Records, in partnership with Fearless Records, and Crime Kitchen, an EDM label.
Mowery has continued to expand his reach in 2016, becoming a partner in EDM label Most Addictive Records and YouTube channel Daily Earfood. The year also saw the rejuvenation of Outerloop Records, now under partnership with Cooking Vinyl.
Mowery’s passion for educating artists and managers about the industry has lead him to hold many seats on various panels across the country and participating in hosting guru workshops for Vans Warped Tour owner and creator Kevin Lyman’s The Education Institute. 2017 will see the launch of Outerloop Coaching, which will consist of online courses, webinars, e-books, and mentoring for aspiring managers and self-managed musicians. Mowery will share everything he has learned from two decades of experience in the business and how that knowledge translates to modern industry practices.
Mowery has served as Chapter Advisor of the Washington D.C. chapter of The Recording Academy and is a board member of Shirts for a Cure.
Mowery graduated with honors from the University of California at Santa Barbara with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies. He is an active individual who believes that the balance of mind, body, and work are of the utmost importance. He has completed 9 marathons, is an avid cyclist, plays soccer and is a certified RYT-200 yoga instructor. He lives in Silver Spring, MD with his wife Caroline.

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