LP Playlist; Joe Marson’s Inspirations

I find myself coming back to soul music for 2 big reasons; the way it digs at you deep in your gut (you know what I’m talking about) and how much I feel like I can relate to the lyrics behind it. Soul music brings the musician and the listener just one step closer than most music in my eyes. Alternative Soul artist Joe Marson is no different, with his breakout hit “No Retreat” instantly catching my attention and Electric Soul Magic Vol. II, coming out April 14, 2017.  In the midst of preparing for the record release, we asked Joe to tell us about what music inspires him and share a custom LP Collective Playlist so that we may be inspired as well! Check out his response and follow the Spotify Playlist below! 

Thanks for the chance to share my influences LP Collective! These songs that not only influence my recent work but have influenced me from when I was a young red headed california skater kid in the 90’s. Here are some of my favorite songs and recordings ever. The listing order does not reflect my favorite.

Red Hot Chili Peppers-Under The Bridge
Jeff Buckley-Strange Fruit
Die Antwoord-Phatty Boom Boom
Paul Simon-Graceland
The Band-Ophelia
Ollabelle-Blue Northern Lights
Jaco Pastorius-Teen Town
Jimi Hendrix-Bold As Love
Black Crowes-Hotel Illness
Outkast-A Life In The Day Of Andre Benjamin
Ben Harper-Ground On Down
 Red Hot Chili Peppers-Sir Psycho Sexy
To Keep Up With Joe Marson Online:

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