Los Angeles-based alternative soul rocker Joe Marson has made waves with the release of his latest tracks, “No Retreat” and the politically-fueled, “Explore/Explode,” leaving fans anticipating the release of his sophomore EP, Electric Soul Magic Vol. II, which is out now and available on Spotify. Packing a sound that is cinematic in quality, infused with blues, rock and grunge that pairs perfectly with the songwriter’s soaring vocals, the EP delivers six tracks that showcase Marson’s influences and musical diversity. Celebrating the release of his EP today, Joe Marson has partnered with Purevolume for the exclusive music video premiere of one of the quirkier tracks on the EP, “Gotta Be Good,” which can be viewed here. “Gotta Be Good” is musically reminiscent of 60’s and 70’s rock songs. While writing the song, Marson had been kicking around the old adage “I don’t believe in the devil, but boy does he believe in me,” and was inspired by its cleverness and semi sacrilegious implications. For the video, Marson got into a character, like Eminem’s evil alter-ego, Slim Shady to explore playful ways in which he could tell a fictional story of excommunication from a conservative small town life. Head to to check out the full video.
National touring artist, and 2015 Guitar Center Competition Finalist Joe Marson is master in the art of melding soul and rock. Making it to the Top 5 out of 14,000 submissions, he won over $10,000 in gear from Guitar Center…as well as winning over audience members and fans all over the world. Melded together with guitar riffs that evoke Hendrix’s essence, Marson creates timeless music that bridges the gap between the influential decades that inspire his songwriting. These elements can be heard in some of the songs he’s had placed in major films like Marvel’s Deadpool as well as popular television series like FX’s Justified and Netflix’s Bloodline.
Head to today to watch the official music video for “Gotta Be Good.” Stream Electric Soul Magic, Vol. II on Spotify. Follow Joe Marson online for new music, upcoming shows, and more.


album cover final.png

Joe Marson: Electric Soul Magic Vol. II Track listing
1. Gotta Be Good
2. No Retreat
3. Float With It
4. To The Shore
5. Explore/Explode
6. My Love Is A Cannibal
To Keep Up With Joe Marson Online:

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