LP Playlist; A Story Told’s Hometown Favorites

When looking at the “music hubs” of the US I’ll be the first to admit that West Virginia isn’t the first place that comes to mind. In fact the WV music scene is probably one of the most severely underrated scenes right now regardless of the INSANE amount of talent coming from it. While I can only really speak for the Alternative/Rock side, we’ve worked with incredible acts such as The Danger of Falling, Curses, and our friends A Story Told who always remind us that this little states has a lot to be noticed for. With their “Weather” music video coming out recently, we asked them to give us a little taste of their hometown favorites. I hope this makes you as much of a West Virginia fan as it has made me!


  • Basie – Olivia
    • We’re all huge fans of The 1975 and these guys fall right in that genre. Super interesting & fresh music.
  • Cumberland – The Darkest Days
    • Powerful and emotional alt-rock music that hits you straight in the feels. Awesome dudes & great music.
  • We Are Funhouse – Ghost
    • Energetic three-piece alt-rock band that crosses genre lines to create an amazing and original sound.
  • Left Behind – Rock Bottom
    • Some of the best heavy music you’ll find in the state.
  • The Company Stores – Pocket Change
    • Ridiculously talented group of musicians that put on an amazing show. Always a treat to see and/or jam with The Company Stores.
  • Wilson Raps – Oh Heaven!
    • Fun and energetic hip-hop that will for sure get your head rocking.
  • Feverwar – Bullshit
    • The most high-energy band you’ll ever see live. Their music is just as spectacular. These boys have energy that just doesn’t quit.
  • Embracer – My Father’s Will
    • Embracer is an extremely emotional and talented band. Amazing vocals with incredible musicianship to match.
  • Letters – Seven
    • Fun power pop that will be stuck in your head for days. Also, Jacob is the funniest person on Twitter.
  • Ona – Sleep, Rinse, Repeat
    • Ona is some of the best indie/alt-rock music you’ll find anywhere. Incredible musicianship and songwriting.




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