Chino XL and Rama Duke Breathe New Life into a Rock Classic

I try very hard to keep myself a well rounded listener when it comes to reporting on all the incredible news out there. I find myself dipping in and out of genres a lot when they’re fused together, stirred up and presented in a new way. A few months back when I heard Chino XL and Rama Duke interpretation of Red Hot Chili Peppers’ “Under the Bridge” I was blown away by their mix of rap, hip hop and rock. I had to learn more about how this partnership came to be and what about the classic Chili Peppers song inspired them. We spoke upon the track as well as how it relates to now and how it transcends genre lines. Read on below;  


You’ve been making big waves with your reinvention of the Red Hot Chili Peppers “Under The Bridge”, what about that song made you want to reinvent it?  

Chino: It’s always been a song close to my heart ….. I can feel blood in it.

Rama: Well it was brought to me by Chino and Jared Gosselin, but it’s also a great song on an album that I grew up listening to so I had no qualms in the least about it singing it.  I love to sing it.

“Under the Bridge” is now 25 years old, how do you think the themes of the track relate now compared to when the song was written? 

Chino: Well the heroin which is the metaphor both versions contain is such an epidemic as well as depression …it is timely even now.

Rama: Time doesn’t dull the struggle of addiction.  We did not change the theme.

How did this collaboration with Rama Duke come to be, have you worked together on other projects?  

Chino: It was amazing, so hopefully we will.

Rama: I was in the studio creating a solo rock protect and this was brought to me.  Chino and I knew each other because we used the same producer on projects.  This was our first collaboration though.

While you are hip hop artists, you’ve obviously been influenced by RHCP to make this single, do you have any other Rock Influences?

Chino: A perfect Circle , Kiss, Slayer, Danzig  Chris Corne , Black Sabbath

Rama: I’m not a hip hop artist, but I have enjoyed artists who are masters of their craft in hip hop.  All my influences are from rock and the occasional pop song.  I grew up on band like Van Halen, tool, Boston and nine inch nails.

Both of you are working with 1520 Entertainment, who are just coming up in the industry. How did you get involved with them and what made them the best fit for you?

Chino: They believe in this song immensely and that is fantastic.

chino rama 2

I’ve read about something else on the back burner called “A Bad Day For Sorry” can you tell us anything about that right now?  

Chino: It’s a project of more songs we are working on.

Rama: Chino and I have decided that our Chemistry is too good to miss out on and we have created “a bad day for sorry”. We are in the studio creating and original project as we speak.

What motivates you as a musician?

Chino: Pushing the boundaries of lyricism and music to an apex, while telling stories and expressing the darker side of things.

Rama: What motivates me is feeling in music.  Whether I want to get busy, break something or cry, I want to feel.  Great musicianship and the connection between the instruments excites me as well.  I try to work with people I’m in awe of and look up to.  Music is just my life.

What can fans look out for in the coming months?  

Chino: More music and appearances and a new energy injected into the music ….

Rama: We will be releasing a few more covers for fun and to solidify our song with growing fans and doing some live shows.  This album should hopefully drop in summer.

Thanks so much to both Chino and Rama for hanging out with us and we look forward to hearing what’s to come! If you want to stay in the loop be sure to check out their socials down below!


Twitter @1520Ent
Twitter @IamRamaDuke
Twitter @ChinoXL
Twitter @JaredGosselin

IG @1520Entertainment
IG @RamaDuke
IG @ChinoXL
IG @JaredLeeGosselin


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